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The following Acceptable Use Policy describes acceptable, required, and prohibited practices by end users of Manticore Technology products and services.

This policy is incorporated by reference in the Terms and Conditions of all Manticore Service Agreements. Manticore does not tolerate any violations of this policy, and all users and customers of the Manticore Technology service must comply with this policy at all times. Manticore will enforce this policy by using, without limitation, auditing methods such as monitoring of complaints feedback loops, and email delivery failures, as well periodically reviewing compliance during support and maintenance processes.

Recipients of email messages sent using the Manticore service are encouraged to report suspected violation of this policy by forwarding a copy of the received email to abuse@manticoretechnology.com. It is Manticore's policy to investigate all such reports and take appropriate action on all reports of abuse.

1. Bulk or Commercial Email Delivery

Manticore users must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to bulk or commercial email when using the Manticore Service, including without limitation the United States CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 as well as all other local or national laws applicable to the regions where Manticore users have business operations or where their email recipients are located.

In addition, Manticore users may not use the Manticore service to deliver or distribute unsolicited email. "Unsolicited Email" is defined as email sent to persons other than: (i) persons with whom you have an existing business relationship, OR (ii) persons who have consented to the receipt of such email, including publishing or providing their email address in a manner from which consent to receive email of the type transmitted may be reasonably implied.

All Bulk or Commercial Email sent using Manticore Technology must include provision for recipients to revoke consent, i.e., to "opt out", of receiving future email contacts from the sender, and end users and customers must have procedures in place to allow an email recipient to easily opt-out, such as an unsubscribe link in the body of the e-mail, or instructions to reply with the word "Remove" in the subject line. Any such revocations of consent should be honored within 72 hours.

2. Content of Electronic Documents

None of the HTML documents that Client submits to Manticore for transmission or delivery may contain any:

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