Manticore Technology Releases Seventh Generation Marketing Automation Platform Enabling B2B Marketing Executives to Gain Control of Marketing Funnel

Manticore Technology becomes first marketing automation provider to deliver customizable user interface, delivering an unmatched customer experience

Austin, TX – November 17, 2009Manticore Technology™, a leading provider of easy-to-use, powerful, marketing automation solutions, today announced the company's seventh generation marketing automation platform, enabling B2B marketing executives to gain unprecedented control over their marketing funnel.

Manticore Technology VII is a powerful end-to-end marketing automation platform that enables B2B marketers to effectively manage the marketing funnel for predictable revenue growth by creating, measuring, and optimizing online marketing strategies and programs that turn leads into fully qualified sales prospects. The result is more efficient marketing budgets, decreased sales cycles, and strong alignment between the goals of marketing and sales. New features in Manticore Technology VII include a fully customizable user interface, email and landing page folders, an email delivery wizard, and drag-and-drop list building functionality.

"Manticore Technology has created a platform that offers unparalleled support for the marketing business process of turning leads into sales-ready prospects," said Jeff Erramouspe, president, Manticore Technology. "Manticore Technology VII is to the marketing funnel as CRM platforms are to the sales pipeline. No sales executive would consider managing their pipeline without a CRM platform, and no marketing executive should manage their funnel without Manticore Technology VII."

With today's launch, Manticore Technology becomes the first marketing automation provider to offer a customizable user interface (UI), enabling marketers to personalize their experience within Manticore's award winning platform. The customizable UI is in response to extensive feedback Manticore received from B2B marketers from around the globe. The research found that marketers each had unique needs from one another; therefore there was no "one size fits all" approach to marketing automation.

"With its customizable UI, Manticore Technology VII has continued its leadership position in delivering solutions that are easy to use, while delivering the functionality B2B marketers need to manage their marketing funnel, including key features such as lead nurturing and lead scoring," added Erramouspe.

"With Manticore's newest release, in a matter of seconds I was able to create a unique marketing automation environment not only for my individual needs – but for the unique needs of our partners around the world," said Michaela Dempsey, director of marketing at Intellitactics. "Manticore Technology VII delivers both amazing power and incredible customization and usability. Allowing marketers to customize their UI is unparalleled in the marketing automation - and a brilliant idea."

While virtually every part of the Manticore Technology solution was upgraded in this release, major features and enhancements in Manticore Technology VII include:

  • A fully customizable interface to personalize the Manticore Technology experience for each marketer's needs
  • Campaign, email and landing page archiving and management, enabling marketers to effectively organize and manage their digital marketing assets
  • An email wizard making building, testing, scheduling, and delivering an email campaign even easier
  • Drag-and-drop list building capabilities, making effective list segmentation a breeze

Manticore Technology VII is available immediately and integrates directly with or Oracle CRM On Demand. Pricing starts at $24k/year.

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Manticore Technology is a leading SaaS marketing automation solution provider that enables marketers to effortlessly move sales prospects through the pipeline through demand generation, lead management, lead scoring, and lead nurturing, while feeding their sales team invaluable insight about the interests of each lead. Manticore Technology has enterprise customers around the globe, including, Jaspersoft, Sharebuilder 401(k) and PGP. For more information visit or call 1-866-Manticore.

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