Take Control of Your Marketing Strategy and Allow Sales Engine to Solve the Content Challenge

When implementing marketing automation technology, or simply developing an integrated marketing strategy, the key to success is content. However, content creation is a significant challenge for marketers even without the additional requirements of content for marketing automation. Marketing automation technology is an essential tool for marketers, but it is a hungry beast that must be fed consistently with content in order to perform successfully.

Sales Engine started by helping us to really define our value to the market and communicate it effectively. But they also went beyond that piece to build a complete library of content and an automation solution that ensured we reached the right prospects, consistently, with the right message.

-Jason Vincelette, VP Product Management and Marketing, Perfect Commerce

Solving the Content Challenge

An effective content strategy requires three things:

  • Relevant topics of interest,
  • Diverse forms of content, and
  • Consistent campaign execution.

Best-in-class companies have a significant advantage over their competitors because they have the ability and resources to meet the criteria above. They know the type of content their prospects are looking for, when they are looking for it, and where they go to find it. They have the ability to deliver effectively across all mediums from their website to social media and syndication.

All prospects start out hungry for information. They have a problem to solve and precious little time to find the solution, let alone time to spend talking with a sales rep. The company that conveniently meets that prospect's needs is likely to win the sale. The key is managing all these moving parts in a cohesive manner and turning it into a business process that is repeatable and measurable.

The Sales Engine Expertise

At Sales Engine International, we understand the content challenge and know the large amount of time and resources that must go into creating good and relevant content. That is why we offer additional service around content creation. Sales Engine experts work with clients to:

  • Build out a detailed year-long editorial calendar,
  • Develop targeted messaging for sales and marketing,
  • Map content based on buying personas and stages,
  • Produce effective content for prospect delivery,
  • And much more.

Let Sales Engine take the content wheel, so you can gear your valuable time towards the overarching marketing strategy.