Content Audit & Mapping

Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started. When the words "content audit" come into play, getting started can seem impossible. Sales Engine experts understand the many challenges and concerns that come with starting a new marketing approach and work with our clients to make the processes as seamless as possible. Sales Engine offers services in the following areas:

Content Auditing

A content audit is an integral step in creating a content marketing plan. It archives and organizes existing content and reveals any content gaps or areas for improvement. At Sales Engine, we help our clients begin and successfully complete a full content audit that can be utilized in building an effective content strategy. Learn More »

Content Mapping

Using well-defined buying personas, Sales Engine works with our clients to match content pieces to each buying persona at the various stages of the buying process. This ensures that no potential prospects are overlooked and no buyer needs go unmet. Learn More »

Content Repurposing

Sales Engine holds a strong value in content repurposing. Our unique strategy aims at getting the most out of content creation efforts and maintaining a consistent sales and marketing message. Working with our clients, we help produce a customized content repurposing strategy to help our clients make the most significant impact with the least amount of resources. Content creation is a huge challenge for the majority of organization and having a content repurposing plan in place is an effective way to combat that challenge. Learn More »