Video Production

Online video is simply the single most effective medium over the web to connect with and engage a target audience. It allows for a consistent delivery of a company's message and promotes a personal interaction between a company and its prospects. At Sales Engine, we work directly with our clients to shoot, edit, and produce engaging videos featuring top level executives, thought leaders, and/or company representatives in order to virtually communicate with a growing online audience. These videos have an unlimited possibility of sales and marketing uses. Our clients have used them as website content, offers in email campaigns, or even as sales collateral. Our approach to video strategy is open and versatile putting our clients at the center of the creative process. Sales Engine offers several effective video services and formats:

Video Development

In the digital age, video messaging has become the most necessary medium for content creation. Video development services give clients access to significant expertise in the many complex aspects of this highly technical medium. Learn More »

Q&A Videos

Q&A videos produce a high volume of content that can be used in any type of marketing campaign. They also greatly simplify the process of obtaining thought leadership from busy executives and alleviate the need for marketing staff to dedicate valuable time to ghostwriting and copy creation. A Q&A video is designed to be unscripted allowing the presenter's expertise, credibility, and passion show naturally. Learn More »

Spotlight Videos

Targeted messaging is the most effective means of reaching an ideal prospect. Spotlight videos capture a highly focused message that can be used to market a niche product or to reach a valuable market segment. Learn More »

Company Sales Overview (Avatar)

A company sales overview video ensures that a company's perfect pitch is available on demand to be found by or sent to interested prospects. This type of video is graphically rich and designed to be a virtual presentation of a company's product or service. Learn More »

Sales Engine.TV

Content is the #1 failure point of demand generation programs. Most marketing departments lack the resources to produce sufficient volumes of content in a variety of needed media to run campaigns, support social media, meet prospect needs, etc. SE.TV converts a day of video shooting into hundreds of content pieces in the most widely consumed media formats to fuel a lengthy editorial calendar. It allows companies with fewer marketing resources to access the content required to compete in the digital marketing era. Learn More »

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