Q&A Videos

Q&A videos produce a high volume of content that can be used in any type of marketing campaign. They also greatly simplify the process of obtaining thought leadership from busy executives and alleviate the need for marketing staff to dedicate valuable time to ghostwriting and copy creation. A Q&A video is designed to be unscripted allowing the presenter's expertise, credibility, and passion show naturally.

Q&A videos are designed to be used and repurposed for marketing program content that is targeted at different buyer stages. In order to create this effective video content, Sales Engine works with our clients to:

  • Draft Q&A questions
  • Create framework for response
  • Manage background setting

Various types of Q&A videos include:

  • Thought Leadership Q&A
  • Pain Point Q&A
  • Proof Point Q&A

Click here to see examples of our effective video strategy.