Sales Engine.TV

Content is the #1 failure point of demand generation programs. Most marketing departments lack the resources to produce sufficient volumes of content in a variety of needed media to run campaigns, support social media, meet prospect needs, etc. SE.TV converts a day of video shooting into hundreds of content pieces in the most widely consumed media formats to fuel a lengthy editorial calendar. It allows companies with fewer marketing resources to access the content required to compete in a digital marketing era.

SE.TV is a hosting platform for sales and marketing content. Sales Engine works to:

  • Design and create concept for client SE.TV homepage, landing pages, and PDF article template
  • Transcribe videos
  • Edit videos into articles and produce PDF versions of articles
  • Link articles to pages on client's website
  • Reproduce video in podcast format
  • Host videos, podcasts, and PDFs in formats compatible with applicable devices
  • Populate SE.TV homepage with Q&A descriptions and links to landing pages

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