Deliverability Assurance Protects Your Company's Online Brand

Poorly executed campaigns can damage your company's online reputation and diminish the impact of your message. Sales Engine understands the importance of proper testing and opt-out management to maximize our clients' investment in demand generation services.

HTML Testing

Testing is a critical step to ensure the success of campaign efforts and the quality of campaign elements. Sales Engine applies a rigorous testing protocol of outbound campaigns including:

  • Testing of links and forms within individual email campaigns
  • Testing of the visual presentation of email across a variety of platforms

Spam Checking

Spam checking support increases the delivery rates of campaigns, resulting in a higher number of engaged prospects. Sales Engine applies best practices in email design and in subject line creation to minimize spam filter impact on campaigns. Every campaign is subject to spam filter testing prior to launch.

Opt Out Management

Opt out management is essential to protect your company's reputation and its budget. Demand Generation services from Sales Engine include:

  • Opt Out List Management
  • Opt Out function as part of email design template
  • Administration of manual reply opt outs