Database Development

If you don't find winnable opportunities before your well-funded competitor, it may be too late by the time your rep gets in the door. Worse yet, your rep may never even know the deal went down. In the past, you could buy a list of companies with phone numbers that met your criteria. Your reps could navigate past the gatekeepers to get to the prospect…and the prospect actually returned the call! Good luck with that strategy today.

To be successful today, you must find these prospects who are shopping without you. To start, you'll need a great database. Of course you will need the basics like phone number and email address but effective sales acceleration requires segmentation by market, by persona and digital behavior.

Finding prospects isn't as simple as purchasing a list from a vendor. At this moment, prospects are searching the web for services just like yours. Will they find your company’s website or your competitor’s website first? By making your company more 'findable', you can attract these buyers to your site.

Sales Engine develops and executes a strategy to build a strong marketing database of your best prospects. Some of our services include:

  • List purchases & aggregation
  • List research & appending
  • Database cleansing
  • Database segmentation
  • Social media community building
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
  • Landing page creation & optimization