List Acquisition Consulting

There are hundreds of list vendors in the market from the big box players to niche providers. Choosing a trusted vendor and determining how many records are required is a daunting proposition. List acquisition is also an important starting point for companies that do not have significant inbound traffic or a large opt-in database. Sales Engine brings database expertise and volume purchasing power to our clients' list acquisition strategy and process. As a result, our clients benefit from access to a higher quality database than they would be able to attain on the open market. Clients also save the time they would otherwise spend analyzing existing data and are able to see results from marketing programs more quickly, ultimately leading to more opportunities and new business.

List Acquisition Services Include:

  • Searching top records sources using the Ideal Prospect Profile criteria
  • ŸResearching alternative records sources such as associations, business directories and niche industry providers as needed
  • ŸFacilitating list procurement
  • ŸCompiling and formatting data
  • ŸImporting into, if applicable
  • ŸReview of database and additional list consulting as required