Effective Campaign Execution Requires a Village of Fractional Resources

In a complex, digital business world how can you generate demand for your products and services? Through an integrated marketing strategy, you can FIND, CONNECT with and ENGAGE prospects in every stage of the buying journey.

Marketing Automation Presents Opportunities and Challenges

Marketing automation has made it possible for companies of every size to compete in the B2B marketplace with technology to automate, track and analyze lead generation campaigns. The challenge is that it takes more than just great marketing automation to succeed in the digital age.

Sales Engine brings its team of dedicated professionals and years of experience in strategy development and tactical execution to ensure companies have the resources, content, and skills they need to leverage its powerful marketing automation platform to its fullest potential.

-Robert Fake, CEO, InfoSec

Successful Demand Generation Begins with a Strong Database

To build and maintain a database to support all your campaigns, you'll need access to expertise to support a variety of lead acquisition and management activities, including:

  • Identifying your company's ideal prospect profile.
  • Purchasing high quality data that meets the profile.
  • Segmenting the data for effective targeted campaigns.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the accuracy of your database.
  • Researching new acquisition opportunities.
  • Cleansing and appending records to keep the database fresh.

Connecting with Prospects Requires a Solid Strategy and Relentless Execution

Once you've identified and built your target audience, how will you reach it? First you'll need content and lots of it. For many marketing organizations, content is the top challenge faced in maximizing the value of marketing automation, but content is just the beginning. To connect, you'll need:

  • A year-long editorial calendar of activities including outbound campaigns, blogs, and social media.
  • Copywriting and design services to create campaigns and collateral.
  • Expertise to test campaign deliverability and protect your online reputation.
  • Execution support to manage a variety of campaigns and initiatives from newsletters and nurture campaigns to targeted campaigns and webinars.

Inbound Strategies Are Essential to Attract Unknown Prospects

In addition to a strong database, an effective integrated marketing program must include tools and strategies to generate inbound traffic to your company's website:

  • Search engine management and optimization to help your ideal prospects find you.
  • Pay per click and retargeted online advertising to put your solution before buyers and to keep it on their minds.
  • Social media marketing programs to maximize the value of affinity groups and other networks.

Converting Leads to Customers Requires True Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

What are the characteristics of an aligned sales and marketing team? Effective communication is the foundation and there are a variety of tools required to build it:

  • Sales portals and sales rep playbooks to inform and educate sales people on campaign strategy and messaging.
  • Lead intelligence to keep stakeholders aware of the success of programs and to identify sales ready prospects.
  • Telephonic nurture reps to follow-up on leads until they can be fully qualified for sales.