Marketing as a Service

People + Process + Technology.

Are you ready to take the keys and start your own sales engine?

With rapid developments in technologies and automation—along with rising expectations of marketers—successful demand generation is a significantly more complicated and complex process than in days past, and marketing organizations frequently find themselves overwhelmed.

In addition to the technology investment, you need people to perform a myriad of different functions, and you have to institute many new processes within your organization, processes that are so critical to revenue generation that they must be done well.

Nearly two-thirds of marketers now partner with experts for all or part of their marketing process.

Content Marketing Institute

Lead generation outsourcing has become essential because the process has reached a point, now, that it takes a village of fractional people to pull it off. You need someone to manage the database of your best prospects, define your ideal prospect profile, keep refining it, and to keep the database well honed. At the same time, you need professional-caliber messaging because your sales rep is not getting the chance to tell your story. You need this messaging to be available digitally, and you need to nail that messaging to get your story told, perfectly and consistently.

You need a graphic designer, and you need content writers. In many businesses, content writers are the most senior people in subject matter expertise within the organization, and they aren't all that available to provide the content you need. You also need someone to produce HTML, and someone to turn the crank each and every day to execute, to scroll through leads, and to analyze and distribute leads to sales people. Realistically, if any of those things don't happen in proper synchronization or sequence, it will fall off the tracks and your entire process is in jeopardy.

Demand generation has come to this. Unless you can execute all of those process and functions in a coordinated way, every day, you're at a competitive disadvantage in your market.

Using a partner can free up your time to focus on the more strategic aspects of marketing efforts and has placed the accountability for day-to-day program management in the hands of a team with the necessary specialized expertise, processes and technology to make it work.

It's a very competitive market and still a challenging economy out there, and it's more important than ever to ensure lead generation success. Partnering with an experienced lead generation services provider continues to be the best way for you to close more deals and drive more revenue.