Featured Resources

  • The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook

    Nine of today's most respected marketing and sales thought leaders, including Ardath Albee, Craig Rosenberg, Jill Konrath, Andrew Gaffney and many more, draw from years of experience to deliver a wealth of insight on how to harness the power of marketing automation to effectively manage your marketing funnel and drive more qualified leads.

  • The Lead Nurturing Cookbook

    Packed with more than 15 pages of "how to" ideas that marketers can implement immediately, The Lead Nurturing Cookbook features "recipe" tips from seven industry leaders, including Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, Craig Rosenberg, Vice President of Products and Services at Focus, Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of The Annuitas Group, Brian Hansford, President of Zephyr 47, Michael Damphousse, CEO of Green Leads, and Tibor Shanto, CEO of Renbor Sales Solutions.

  • White Paper: Five Fast Payoffs for Investing in Marketing Automation

    This white paper focuses on specific examples of how companies that implemented demand generation applications saw a significant, traceable increase in revenue within weeks.

  • White Paper: 23 Questions Your Marketing Automation Vendor Doesn't Want You To Ask

    In this white paper, we've identified 23 questions across 5 key areas that will enable you to make an informed decision and select a solution that is right for you.

  • Webinar: Be a Database Marketing Mind Reader with Persona and Segment Intelligence

    What can you tell about a prospect from their lead record in your database? Some marketers can look at a lead record and draw some pretty keen insights into what challenges that prospect faces and what is probably keeping him up at night. Would your database marketing strategy benefit from a little clairvoyance?

  • Webinar: Avoiding the Three Failure Points of Marketing Automation

    There are three primary failure points for marketing automation. The good news is that no matter where your B2B is in the marketing automation journey: researching a new solution, mid-implementation, or full execution, these three failure points can be corrected. Join Paul Rafferty, CEO and Founder of Sales Engine International, as he shares insights on the three most common failure points of marketing automation and the strategies that best-in-class organizations employ to ensure marketing automation success.

  • Webinar: Proving Marketing's Worth: What B2Bs Need to Measure and Why

    The evolution of marketing automation tools and business analytics has made it easier to obtain measurements, but many sales and marketing organizations still struggle to prove marketing's worth. Join Sales Engine International's CEO and Founder, Paul Rafferty and Kim Cool, Sales Engine International's Director of Customer Success, for a discussion of common B2B measurement challenges and a demonstration of dashboards built to track KPIs.

  • Webinar: Dynamic Content for the Buyer's Journey

    In this webinar Jeff Erramouspe, President of Manticore Technology and Mike Vannoy, Chief Operating Officer of Sales Engine International discuss the next steps in the evolution of marketing automation and the role it will play in shaping content development in the future.

  • Webinar: Winning B2B Buyers with your Content Marketing Mix

    Marketing automation provider Manticore Technology teams up with sales 2.0 lead generation expert Sales Engine International to reveal how Marketing can help drive revenue with 3 powerful, sales-driven lead nurturing programs.