CRM Integration

You know your sales team – if you don't put the prospect data your marketing automation tool captures right in front of them, are they going to look for it? Integration between marketing automation and CRM platforms is critical to delivering sales intelligence your reps will use to improve their conversations and follow up. With the deepest functionality in the industry, Sales Engine International provides Custom Connectors to integrate natively with and Microsoft Dynamics. What does this mean for you?

  • Improved marketing and sales alignment through bi-directional synchronization of lead and contact data
  • Sales reps have the ability to view leads and contacts' website visits, form registrations, and email responses all within the CRM record
  • CRM users can view and report on marketing campaign responses and performance
  • Your sales team can better prioritize and pursue the most sales-ready leads using advanced lead scoring and filtering
  • Improved lead management by giving lead owners the ability to insert non sales-ready leads into lead nurturing processes directly within the CRM
  • A highly efficient lead routing process achieved through our configurable integration parameters

Microsoft Dynamics

Do you have a different CRM? Check out our API for additional integration options.