Key integration points with include:

  • Executive Marketing Dashboards – Gain insight into campaign performance and pipeline contribution to make decisions and allocate budget to programs that deliver results
  • Marketing Activity Object – Provide sales with invaluable insight for prospect's website, form, and email behavior. Data segmentation from the sales activity history ensures reporting accuracy
  • Campaign Integration – Outbound marketing and lead nurturing campaigns are automatically created in ensuring accurate reporting and synchronization
  • Sales-Driven Nurturing – The Manticore Platform's custom "S-Control" in enables sales to insert prospects directly into a lead nurturing campaign
  • Lead Scoring – Multiple lead scoring models synchronize directly into custom fields, enabling the full workflow and capabilities
  • Organic Search Terms – Organic search terms used by prospects populate in custom fields, providing sales with insight and increased effectiveness
  • Promotion Code Tracking – Harness the Manticore Platform's promotion codes to track PPC programs and online advertising
  • Single Sign-on – Access the Manticore Platform's award winning marketing automation solution within, increasing department collaboration